Our pins are produced from high quality steel and differs from other pins in market by its high level of physical and chemical proporties.

Our pin production process never starts without detecting our stock.

Materials are tested for their proporties of hardness, spectrometric,microcleaning and microcleaning.

After testing of hardness and improvement procedure material had sent to CNC department. Materials are treated according to their confident levels, pins are sended to induction procedure for reaching the ideal hardness level. After hardness tests materials are welded by the robots.

For increasing the surface quality of the pins, their surface is covered by chromium for protection from corosion and smoothness of the surface is increased.

Pin lamas are painted for different colours according to their brand and models, and their model numbers are printed. Pins are packed for protecting their quality until they will reach to their clients, and they are taken to stocks for sale.


Düz pim Civata delikli düz pim Civata delikli kademeli pim Kama kanallı pim
Çektirme delikli kademeli pim yağlama delikli düz pim Yağlama delikli kanallı düz pim Segman kanallı pim
Segman kanallı yağlama delikli pim Palet pimi Bıçak göbek pimi Konik pim
Lamalı düz pim Lamalı civata delikli pim Lamalı kademeli pim Lamalı frezeli pim
Lamalı kademeli yağlama delikli pim lamalı civata başlı pim Lamalı segman kanallı pim Şapkalı düz pim
Şapkalı civata delikli pim Şapkalı yağlama delikli pim Şapkalı kama kanallı pim Şapkalı segman kanallı pim
Şapkalı yağlama delikli civata delikli pim Şapkalı frezeli pim Şapkalı civata başlı pim Direksiyon pimi
Dönüş kutusu pimi Joink pimi Konik pim çift taraflı Konik şapkalı pim
Makas orta pimi Stud ball    
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