The production of our bushings made of high quality imported steel starts with the quality control of raw material.

The materials controlled as necessary are treated in CNC machines (counters) within suitable tolerance values. If there are lubrication grooves in the bushing, these grooves are opened.

The materials treated in suitable sizes are controlled after they are reached to necessary hardness value by subjecting them to cementation and interior-exterior surface grindings are performed.

The bushings whose eligibility checks are performed are branded according to the brand and model numbers. They are packaged and put on the market after the protective lubrication is performed.



Düz burç İç kanallı burç Dış kanallı burç İç dış kanallı burç
İç dik kanallı burç Eksenden kaçık kanallı burç Keçe kanallı burç İç X kanallı düz burç
İç X kanallı burç İç O kanallı burç Baklava kanallı burç Şapkalı düz burç
Şapkalı iç kanallı burç Şapkalı dış kanallı burç Şapkalı iç dış kanallı burç Şapkalı keçe kanallı burç
Şapkalı eksenden kaçık kanallı burç Şapkalı iç X kanallı burç Kül tablası burç Palet burcu


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